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Writer / Director

It all started on a sailing voyage that Alejandro made with some friends in 2013. He'd bought a small handycam to make a video of their trip across the Pacific Ocean and weeks later, in the self-learning process of editing, he knew he'd found his true passion: visual narrative. 

He would eventually quit the hospitality business and, in his late twenties, decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. 

​Working as a screenwriter for TV and later as a videographer for a small production company, gave him the self-confidence to start writing and directing short films (Fait Accompli, Anna, Here I Am, Attuned). After a couple years, he created his own production company, KRIYA MEDIA, where he's produced and directed advertising campaigns for brands like YSL, ACQUA DI GIO, KLM and more. 

In March of 2020 he flew to South Africa to embark on another sailing trip with some friends but ended up stranded at a marina due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was during this time that he wrote and directed, guerilla-style, his first feature-length film: Transition.



Marie Boutonnet

as Marie

Jorge González

as Leonardo

as Jorge

Bernardo Bolaños

Alan Chricton

as Mark

Catherine Lemmonier

as Virginia

Kia Koropp

as Jaime's Mom

Marie Christine Dupuy

as Marie's Mom

Pauline Boutonnet

as Marie's sister

as Marie's friend

Deborah Martin

as Jaime

Braca Daubeny


Juan Pablo Gómez Morín

Associate Producer

Alejandro Torres Kennedy

Camera & Editing

Juan Pablo Reyes Carrera

Colorist / VFX

Raúl García & Gabriel Sosa

Sound Design

Gustavo González


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